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My Garden and my entertainment

>> Friday, October 26, 2007

Mostly all of them have different kinds of entertainment such that I mostly like to play with children’s and spend my time in my garden.

Very interest to play with children’s and to see the activities of children’s such us children’s running, speaking, walking etc..

Then I say about my garden. When I entered in to my garden I am very happy to see the different kinds of flowers and the different leaves color. In my garden different color roses, Jeri bra flower, crotons and many different small varieties of flowers.

We watch plants and flowers deeply. Then we see the marvelous creation’s of god. One rose how it becomes a good rose flower. It didn’t take any effort to become a flower but it becomes a flower. It happened by whom we didn’t know.

When we watch all the marvelous creation’s we got always peaceful mind and relax.

All the creations of god is seen by a man called Bharathi

So he sings a song

""Kayile Pulippathene yena kanapermanai


Kanile Ineppathene yena kanapermanai""

That are the pure words he says about god


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